Sextortion: More Common Than Anyone Knows

What would you do if your most intimate moments were used against you as blackmail?

The 17-year-old son of South Carolina Rep. Brandon Guffey last year took his own life after being sexually extorted, also known as ‘sextortion.’

Waylon Scheffer

Anyone who was lucky enough to know Waylon knew that he was an old soul who loved dogs and adults and babies.

Grumpy Gits Show

The rise of sextortion has been rapid over the last few years. We talk to Brandon Guffey, father of Gavin Guffey, who tragically took his own life after being extorted online after sending pictures, not realising who he was actually speaking with.

James Woods

James’ cause of death in this tragedy was by suicide. Suicide is a complicated act with a variety of causes. When discussing this with your family, it is important to discourage talking about how the suicide happened and focus on how your child feels.

Gavin ‘Goop’ Guffey

Forever 17. Gavin , ‘Goop” is the inspiration of the <3 Foundation. Goop was a normal teenager just graduated high school & submitting college applications. He loved art and always wore a smile. SC HB 3583 "Gavin's Law' stiffens the penalties for sextortion and mandates awareness through school notification.

Carter Bremseth

Carter Bremseth died by suicide in 2021. This foundation will continue his purpose by supporting you

Jordan Demay

Police said criminals had demanded $1,000 from Jordan John DeMay, 17, after threatening to release a nude picture