SC Rep. Guffey Visits Sen. Graham in DC

Meet South Carolina State Representative @brandonguffeysc. He came to Washington for today’s Senate Judiciary hearing on Big Tech’s failure to protect kids online. Brandon lost his 17-year-old son, Gavin, to suicide after he was financially extorted. His story is truly… pic.twitter.com/MdFAaF2HuK — Lindsey Graham (@LindseyGrahamSC) January 31, 2024

SC Legislature Stands For Gavin’s Law

Rep. Guffey lost his son Gavin to suicide in 2022. Gavin was a victim of sextortion, an epidemic that is targeting our children. Furthermore, the lack of efforts by social media companies only emboldens & provides cover to those looking to do harm to our children.

Losing a Son to Extortion

After passing many laws this year, District 48 Representative Brandon Guffey recounts his painful journey of losing his 16-year old boy to online perpetrators.

Dating Site Sextortion

Dating sites are a new hunting ground for criminals practicing sextortion. People tend to panic in these kinds of situations, and scammers know it.