Sextortion: More Common Than Anyone Knows

What would you do if your most intimate moments were used against you as blackmail?

The 17-year-old son of South Carolina Rep. Brandon Guffey last year took his own life after being sexually extorted, also known as ‘sextortion.’

Gavin’s Bill passes through Judiciary Full Committee

So…….Gavin’s bill passed through Judiciary full committee today but completely rewritten. I am more excited about this than the previous bill. This is the creation of going to multiple people from multiple parties and different views. This is the way politics should be.

SC Lawmaker Pushes Bill To Crack Down On Sextortion After Son’s Death

Since this year’s legislative session began in January, Rep. Brandon Guffey, a Republican from York County, has fastened a black lapel pin to his suit jacket every day. On it is a symbol: <3, how someone might send a heart via text message, especially in the pre-emoji world. “It’s the text my son sent out […]