Dating Site Sextortion

Dating sites are a new hunting ground for criminals practicing sextortion. People tend to panic in these kinds of situations, and scammers know it.

Wheelin’ On The Rock

Wheelin’ On The Rock, the inaugural event of the Less Than 3 foundation in Rock Hill SC.

Walker Montgomery

Forever 16. Walker was born on November 1, 2006, in Cleveland, Miss., to Brian and Courtney (Poole) Montgomery. He attended Starkville Academy where he excelled in academics and football. Walker enjoyed running heavy machinery and working on the farm with his family. He had an innate and boundless appreciation and love for the outdoors, and he particularly loved bow-hunting with his father.

Sextortion: More Common Than Anyone Knows

What would you do if your most intimate moments were used against you as blackmail?

The 17-year-old son of South Carolina Rep. Brandon Guffey last year took his own life after being sexually extorted, also known as ‘sextortion.’

Waylon Scheffer

Anyone who was lucky enough to know Waylon knew that he was an old soul who loved dogs and adults and babies.

Grumpy Gits Show

The rise of sextortion has been rapid over the last few years. We talk to Brandon Guffey, father of Gavin Guffey, who tragically took his own life after being extorted online after sending pictures, not realising who he was actually speaking with.